Can you take that step over the threshold?

You find yourself in a plain, comfortable room , the only exit door is locked, and you find out that you are there in that room for all eternity…now what?

A. Tony Robbins states “You get what you tolerate.”  (So you would just have to learn to tolerate this situation?)

B. Dr. Seltzer, Ph.D. (Psychology Today) states “For you can’t be very happy unless you dare to pursue what you believe, potentially, will be more meaningful and fulfilling to you.  Only when you can assure yourself of your resources and resilience — and so put an end to all your negative inner chatter — can you propel yourself forward.”  (Which would mean that you would not be able to pursue what you feel in your heart you need to do…and you would end up unhappy?)

C. Wikipedia – Self-Deception:  Self-deception is a process of denying or rationalizing away the relevance, significance, or importance of opposing evidence and logical argument. Self-deception involves convincing oneself of a truth (or lack of truth) so that one does not reveal and self-knowledge of the deception.  (You could convince yourself that the room isn’t so bad and that you are okay with that…)

D. Neel Burton, M.D. (Psychology Today 12/25/2012):  People may pretend to themselves that they do not have the freedom to make choices by pursuing pragmatic concerns and adopting social roles and value systems that are alien to their nature as conscious human beings.  However, to do so is in itself to make a choice, and thereby to acknowledge their freedom as conscious human beings.   (Which would mean that you never really had a choice and this confinement has to be acceptable?)

E. (Or) All of the above?

“No Exit” is a 1944 play by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.  This play shares the reality between three deceased individuals being placed in their perfect hell, which is being locked together in the same room.  Of course the different personalities are ideal for creating eternal torture for all three of the characters.  Then, without notice, the single door that confines all three of them suddenly opens.  No one is able to leave and after trying to make each other leave, and, then trying to kill each other (unsuccessful due to the characters already being dead), all three join in a fit of laughter, and the character Joseph concludes the scene with the statement roughly translated to mean – “Eh well, let’s continue…”

Each of us has our own little room. When that door is opened, would you be able to step over the threshold to face the unknown?  Or would you prefer to stay with what you can tolerate?  But would you ever be truly happy if you didn’t pursue what you believe to be meaningful and fulfilling?  Are you okay with denying or rationalizing yourself out of what you feel you need to do simply by pretending that you don’t have the freedom (believing that you are stuck in that room even though the door is open) or can you take that step and acknowledge your freedom?

Before you quickly answer… realize that with freedom comes the responsibility  – there are no more excuses, no more rationalizations or self-deceptions, no one is holding you in a locked room…that first step is the willingness to take the responsibility – whatever it may be.

So now let me ask you one last time…Can you take that step over the threshold?

Do you agree?  Your thoughts?





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