Your hallucination

So you have your “Why”  – you have your vision, but now your mind is telling you how ridiculous it sounds, or that there is no way in the world that you can do it, or that the odds are outrageous and that you are not going to succeed.

A new “why” for you to think about…   Why is your mind telling you all this?  Doesn’t your mind want you to at least try?  This is your vision – right? This is what your heart and soul wants to do and your mind is talking you out of it? The conscious mind is actually trying to protect you.  It maybe using information from the past, words spoken by family members or negative friends, or the conscious mind is just afraid… of what?  That is what you need to determine.

Mind Hack:  Remember that your conscious mind is there to protect you, but it may have old information, even information that was great when it was originally needed, but is now outdated (like old programming) and is no longer needed, or you had a bad experience in the past, and the conscious mind has determined that you will have the same experience again.  So take the time to look deep inside yourself. Take yourself way from distractions.  Find yourself a quiet place to be undisturbed and have a conversation with your mind.  Start the conversation by sharing all that you want to do concerning your vision, and then let your mind respond.  Pay close attention. Listen to what you are hearing from your mind and write it down.  Look at it.  Examine it. Then logically determine if it is true or perhaps it is an issue that can be addressed in a different form or fashion.  This is your mind…it shouldn’t control you.  You should control it.  Then re-write how your mind should be talking to you…you get to pick – literally – what you want to hear.  It may take some time to get the mind to do what it is told to do…but after time, with practice and once it realizes it is in your best interest, your mind will start repeating what you have instructed it to repeat.  You can do this with affirmations or what is call a “centering thought,” for example, one of my favorites – every morning when you are getting dressed and you are in front of a mirror…where your mind can literally see who you are addressing…tell yourself:  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.   And to anchor it in your mind… you can repeat over and over while in the shower, or use as a mantra while meditating – be creative.  The one person in this whole entire universe that best knows your mind is YOU!



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