Where have I been?

Where have I been?

I’ve been learning.   I found myself taking classes and then more classes, around finances, stocks, marketing, branding, religions, mediation, yoga, shamanism and so much more… that’s where I have been.   And I have more classes scheduled.  It is wonderful to be blessed with all this knowledge, to learn about different cultures, different perspectives, different ways of communication, that is part of every aspect of my life and everyone else’s.   I am having the time of my life hacking into all this information.  I have challenged it, approached it from an open mind, faced it with a closed mind,  and at this point I can say that I have learned a lot about myself.  Life is definitely a journey and it isn’t the destination  – it isn’t the end goal… it is this journey we call life where all the fun is revealed!   My new goal is to share with you, the reader, how I am using that information  – that knowledge – what I have and will learn  – to create the changes I want to see (hacking) in my life.   At first you may not see how this may pertain to you – to your current life choices and situations, but if you are willing to simply to take into consideration my option… and it is only my option  – you may be surprised.  Please know that I present this knowledge with the deepest love and respect.   Any and all comments and suggestions are welcomed as long as these statements  are intended with love and respect as that is my intent here.


One thought on “Where have I been?”

  1. Great update. I love how you say you’ve approached your learnings with an open mind and “faced it with a closed mind.” Feels very honest. Thanks for that 🙂


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