The stories we tell ourselves…

What stories?

Indeed; what stories?

We are all made up of stories. Yes, we are; think about it. All the stories of the past has made you who you are today, but you are just following the initial stories presented to you in your youth. Now take this concept a bit further: You can now take control over the story titled: Your Life.

After all that I have experienced and learned, personally and from some really great people…and I share this with my clients…a new Life Hacker should start with their primary story.   Seriously. What is the main story you share about yourself? If someone asked you to share who you are in thirty seconds or less…what would you say?

You have probably heard or read of this concept before…but I dare you to try this – it is truly a life experience you don’t want to miss.

You get to change your story. Change it the way you truly want it to be. Don’t worry about all the specifics at this point–just rewrite. And don’t go back in time – only forward; keep the past in the past. Start with this day and write out the story of your life.

Once you have completed this, and it can be a short story – don’t worry – it will get longer as you work this, take to heart that this rewrite is only a draft, a baseline, a starting point, because as you start planning out what needs to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in your story, you will find out things about yourself you didn’t think of before, and you will want to change what you have written down.   So true.

You are truly the only person who knows all the answers for yourself and what you need to do. You know your dreams, your goals, your needs. But putting all this down in writing, where you want to be in your career -what you consider success, who you want to become, grow into, have in your future…it is like creating goals, a list, of what you need to work on.

Don’t forget that the final story you put down — what you determine is the final draft — is what you really want to finally share with someone if they ask you to tell them about yourself. And once you are able to share that story for the first time…the feeling you will have – the sense of power and accomplishment will be so amazing that you will want to go back to the drafting table and do it again, and again.   When you realize that you truly have all the control in your life – things will change for you.

Now, the gap between here and there:   Remember that the journey, getting from this current point to your future point, is also a story – a story that leads to your primary story, and, there will be hurdles that you will need to jump (also stories)…but this will get you to your end result: The story YOU want to share about yourself! So prepare yourself. These hurdles may make you face fears, may take you out of your comfort zone, may feel at times unachievable, but that is the point of the journey and that is what makes a great story.   And if you can not face these challenges- these hurdles, then the story is not correct and you need to sit back down and rewrite. But once you see what your future holds, it is easier to prepare for it no matter what the hurdles are.   Now get writing.

Always love any suggestions, comments, and / or feedback for there is never only one path. That is why there are so many great stories.

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