The reason behind this blog…

The reason behind this blog…empowerment.

This blog is to share my experiences — my trial and errors to show that you do not have to stay in your current situation.  To empower you.  I have seen in multiple situations the fact that each person has within themselves the best knowledge of their path…their future.  Only you can change you….And you can take that internal knowledge, and hack into your life and / or your body and make the needed changes–so you, this amazing being, can be all that you were meant to be!

What I share here should not be taken as medical or psychological advise.  Use your best judgement. If you feel that you need a blood test or consultation with you doctor…please do so!   I am not here to lead, only to provide thoughts – to make you think…perhaps new ways of changing things…thinking outside of the box / the norm.

I found that I can use multiple resources to achieve what I want to achieve…it is not black and white.  I have seen in a number of cases where a person, when they simply took that first step forward toward change…found so many resources available that it was as if they were destine to take control of their life!

I take great pride that I am a Life Hacker.  It took years to get to the point where I can say that “I” determine how my life will be and no one else.

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